Movie Review: The Lovely Bones


Stories are usually about what happens to the main character while he or she was alive, but The Lovely Bones is an exception. It’s about what happened to a person after she died. How she was able to accept that she was dead. And how her family learned to move on without her.


The narrator of the story is a fourteen-year-old girl, Susie Salmon. It was a cold and snowy afternoon. After school, she took a shortcut through a cornfield to her home. On the way, she meets a neighbor, Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey built a room underground, he lures Susie into going inside the room with him. When she realized that it was a mistake, it was too late. In that room she was raped and murdered. (Although it wasn’t shown in the movie that she was raped)

After her death, she learned that everyone who still isn’t willing to let go can have their own personal heaven. The investigators were able to find Susie’s hat and some blood. Then they told her parents that she’s probably dead. Mr. Harvey, was able to live in comfort since there was no direct evidence that proves him guilty. But somehow Susie’s family suspected him. When Susie leaves Earth, she touches Ruth Connors, a school friend, and Ruth becomes obsessed with her.

Susie’s mother wasn’t coping well. She decided to leave their house and move to another place. Lindsey, Susie’s sister, then found love. And this made Susie sad somehow, because her sister was able to experience something she never experienced. Seeing as she was never able to kiss her first and only love, Ray Singh. One night, Jack (Susie’s father) sees a light in the cornfield from his window. He goes out there with his baseball bat and almost attacks Susie’s friend Clarissa, who’s out there waiting for her boyfriend Brian Nelson. In an attempt to protect his girlfriend, Brian takes the baseball bat and beats Jack with it, landing him at the hospital.

Susie finds out about the other women that Mr. Harvey killed as well. In that part the movie reveals that after she was killed, Mr. Harvey placed her body parts in a bag. He kept that bag inside a safe. Just then Lindsey decides to break into Mr. Harvey’s house to find evidence that will connect him to Susie’s death. Lindsey was able to find evidence and escapes before Mr. Harvey catches her. When she returns home, she found out that her mother has returned.


Mr. Harvey arrived at the sinkhole before it was filled in. And that is where he buried the safe that contains Susie’s body. Ray and Ruth were also at the sinkhole  during that time, Ruth sees Susie’s ghost and faints. Ray knew that Susie’s soul was inside Ruth’s body. Then they make love.

Susie’s family learned to go on without her. Susie was also able to accept that she’s dead. Mr. Harvey was killed by a falling icicle. And that was how the story ended.

This story was based on a book. The movie and the book were very different. The movie didn’t follow the order of events that happened in the book. The book states that Mr. Harvey brought the safe to the sinkhole not long after her death. And Ruth was at a different location when she fainted. I suggest  that you should also read the book. If you read the book you’ll know that the order of events in the book are different from the order of events in the movie. And that there were also events that were not established in the movie. The movie didn’t show that Susie’s mother had an affair with a detective. They also didn’t show anything about Mr. Harvey’s past.

The story is really amazing. It may be really sad but still it shows the creativity of an author’s mind. The cast are also good, Saoirse Ronan was able to portray how I imagined Susie was. Stanley Tucci was how I imagined Mr. Harvey would be. The heaven was also what I imagined. The isn’t really bad at all.

“These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections-sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent-that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it. The events that my death wrought were merely the bones of a body that would become whole at some unpredictable time in the future. The price of what I came to see as this miraculous body had been my life.”
― Susie Salmon, The Lovely Bones

Thoughts On Empress Ki: Koryo Or Yuan? Wang Yu Or Togon? Which And Who Is More Important To Her?


I admit that I am now addicted to this drama. I watched this drama despite it being very long. I patiently watched its 51 episodes. It was like having a journey back to the time of the dynasties, Koryo and Yuan.

The story is about how a girl, Seung Nyang, became the Empress of Yuan despite having Koryo blood. The death of her parents served as motivation to her to want power for vengeance. Another reason is she wanted to stop the tradition of sending women and men to be slaves, eunuchs, and concubines of Yuan. But things didn’t turn out to be easy, seeing as she caught herself in a love triangle between the King of Koryo and the Emperor of Yuan.

The story is full of suspense right from the beginning until the end. In process of watching this series I felt a lot of mix emotions. The performance of the whole cast is just amazing. Every episode is interesting. And there were a lot of love angles. I really like this series but then the last 10 episodes were a bit of heartbreaking.

It seemed like all of the guys in Empress Ki fell for Seung Nyang. Wang Yu, the King of Koryo. Toghon Temur, the Emperor of Yuan. Tangqishi, the slayer of Seung Nyang’s mother.  Tal Tal, one of the persons who helped Seung Nyang have revenge. But the story’s focus is on the love triangle of Wang Yu, Seung Nyang, and Togon Temur. ek 2

 Seung Nyang pretended to be a man. She was a skilled warrior and archer. Which is why people say that she is a nasty piece of work since they find it hard to defeat her. She also has a nickname, “The Jackal.”

ek 3

Seung Nyang along with her mother were dragged off to be concubines. Wang Yu, who was prince during that time felt pity. So he freed them so that they could escape. But they were killed by people from Yuan. The regent’s son, Tangqishi, killed Seung Nyang’s mother which made Seung Nyang hate the people from Yuan. Since then Seung Nyang posed as a man.


Many years have passed and Wang Yu and Seung Nyang met again due to an archery match. Seung Nyang had no idea that Wang Yu was the prince. And Wang Yu didn’t know that she was a girl. They became allies and friends. Together they fight against corruption. And it seemed like they were falling for each other before they knew it. Things get complicated when Togon Temur was exiled to Koryo. When Togon becomes fond of her, that was when Seung Nyang got torn between the two nations. Out of fear Togon implicated that Ki Jaho, Seung Nyang’s father, was the one who tried to kill him. Because of this El Temur forced Wang Yu to abdicate and he killed Ki Jaho. Seung Nyang then was full of range.

Two rulers of two different nations fought to win Seung Nyang’s heart. Two men who were the complete opposite of one another.

ek 5

Wang Yu

He is a very brave man, a warrior with plenty of skills, a true leader who gained the respect and loyalty of his people. He is the epitome of noble men. As King he knows what’s best for his country. He would think about others first before he would even think about himself. He was willing to do anything for his people. He doesn’t fear death. He would even welcome death with such pride. He is a warrior with a heart. That is why everybody admired him except for Togon. People admired him not only because he has a fine figure of a man. But because he is down to earth and wise. Empress Dowager admired him because she saw that Wang Yu is quite a man. Tanashiri,(Tangqishi’s sister and Togon’s first Empress) and Yon Feisu (the general of the turks) were also in love with him because of his nature. He was able to gain the trust and respect of close minded people like Bayan and El Temur. He would do what he must do for the greater good but he wouldn’t take the credit all for himself, he would share it with his men. Even if he’s in pain and afraid he wouldn’t show it. The strength of his men come from him. He has the ability to bring out the best of people, something that not everybody can do. He can turn worms into men. His love for Seung Nyang is unconditional. And his love for his people is selfless. He wouldn’t want anyone to die for him. He would die for the sake of other people. I wanted Seung Nyang to end up with him because no matter how bitter and how unfair life is, he is willing to fight for what is right, he would still hold onto his path and he would take whatever life throws at him. It will be hard to find someone like him.


Toghon Temur

At first I felt pity for him. But then besides pity I also feel hate for Togon. He was extremely weak because he grew up in fear of El Temur (the Regent of Yuan).And he was a puppet. I pitied him because I cannot imagine that an Emperor doesn’t know how to read and write. He can’t even undress and dress his own self. He is completely dependent on the people around him. He was dependent on Seung Nyang because she was the only friend he had. Which is why Seung Nyang was his strength.

ek7 ek8

As I continued to watch this series. I can’t help but feeling that Wang Yu is the most deserving of Seung Nyang’s love. He was her first love. She sees him as his lord, their strength come from each other. They’re friendship, and love is so deep. And Wang Yu did everything he can to protect her.



Wang Yu may be a King but his rival is an Emperor. Wang Yu didn’t have too much to offer because the Yuan keeps on taking his throne away from him. And Togon has so much power. This led to Seung Nyang marrying Togon to become Empress.

I don’t really think that Togon deserves Seung Nyang. Togon is spoiled and bratty. He wants to get everything he wants. Wang Yu, on the other hand, is modest and kind. His love story with Seung Nyang is much more deeper.


They showed true friendship. They had each other’s backs. They helped each other. When times were rough their relationship became stronger until it was real love. I couldn’t help but admire Wang Yu’s love for her. Well who wouldn’t? After all his love for her was pure, selfless, and unconditional. He loved her more than anything else. She meant the whole world to him. He love her more than his throne and he loved her more than life itself.


Seung Nyang loved him in return as well. There was a time that Wang Yu asked her if she could be his Queen when they return to Koryo. She accepted this proposal. She risked her life helping Wang Yu to restore his throne. She even took an arrow for him at episode 1.


Togon’s love isn’t quite like Wang Yu’s. He loved her as well but in a possessive way. He was so obsessed and dependent on her. She taught him how to be a true ruler. Because Togon is only the Emperor in paper the one who truly rules the empire is the Regent. She taught him to read and write. It was natural for Seung Nyang to be with him because she seeks for power. Unknowingly and unintentionally Seung Nyang somehow used him to gain power, to help Koryo people and to have her revenge. Because of this she sacrificed her love for Wang Yu.

A time came that Wang Yu and Seung Nyang got separated from each other. Wang Yu had to return to Koryo because his father was sick. Seung Nyang didn’t come with him because she still had to work to find a way to have revenge and restore Wang Yu’s throne. So she remained in Yuan. Just then she discovered that she was with child. Then after a few months she planned to escape from Yuan, to go to Koryo. She planned this with Lady Pak (one of Togon’s concubines who were pregnant at the time). But Tanashiri is jealous of Lady Pak. Togon never treated Tanashiri nicely, he rarely pays attention to her. Another reason why she’s jealous is that Lady Pak bears the imperial child while she is infertile. She told her brother Tangqishi to send his men to kill Lady Pak and all of those servants with her.Just when they arrived at Koryo, Tangqishi’s men along with some bandits attacked. Everybody died except for Seung Nyang. She hid in a cave and gave birth to her firstborn. Seung Nyang saw three birthmarks on its foot she thought that it looks like a star. Which is why she named it Byul. (Star)

Just after she gave birth Tangqishi’s men started to approach to search the cave for her. Seung Nyang runs away with Byul. But they caught them. They were cornered near a cliff. Because of the struggle and fight the baby fell from the cliff along with a soldier. Seung Nyang tried to stop this from happening but she failed. They shoot her with an arrow and she fell as well.

Seung Nyang was saved by a friend named, Jokho. Seung Nyang looked for Byul but he was nowhere to be found. Seeing the dead bodies of her friends was so painful for her. She was so miserable because she lost her friends and her baby. Just then word came to Yuan that she is already dead. Wang Yu was told by his men that she was killed and it was done by the Empress and her brothers.  Togon and Wang Yu were devastated. Just then El Temur arranged Wang Yu to be married to his niece. He accepted this thinking that by this he will regain his throne. And by this he will be able to avenge Seung Nyang.

But no one knew that a nun was able to save Byul and Tanashiri adopted him. She kept him and they named him, Maha.

When Seung Nyang found out that Wang Yu was getting married, she became angry, thinking that he betrayed her. But she didn’t know that Wang Yu thought she was dead and that Wang Yu did it for her. She decided to get her revenge on her own, hence she returned to Yuan as an imperial consort.

Seung Nyang’s plan was to make El Temur’s clan feel the pain she felt when they killed her mother, father and her son. (During that time she still doesn’t know that her son is alive). Tanashiri, who was jealous of her because of having Wang Yu and Togon’s love. Tangqishi, who attempted to rape her and killed her mother. Talahai, who helped making her life miserable. And of course, El Temur, the one who trampled on Koryo and had Togon as a puppet all his life. All of those people are the ones she had to eliminate to gain vengeance. Eventually she was able to make their lives miserable. But that is with the help of who else, but Wang Yu. They were able to form allies with the Turks and General Bayan. Meaning, Wang Yu was helping the Yuan, his enemies, oust El Temur at the same time he was struggling to get back his throne. If would be hard for them to have victory if Wang Yu wasn’t on their side.

Just before El Temur’s death he predicted that if Seung Nyang becomes the Empress it will be the end of Yuan and that Bayan will also be drunk in power.  After the fall of El Temur, things changed. Those who helped each other defeat El Temur are now going against each other. They were allies and now they’re enemies.

 Bayan eventually became the new El Temur of Yuan. He keeps on insisting that he will restore Yuan to its former glory. That’s why he keeps on sending people to war despite the fact that their people are starving to death. Of course, Togon approved Bayan’s request. He thinks that by this, people wouldn’t see him as a fool. Once again Togon is being a puppet.


Taltal was caught between his relatives and doing what is really right. He had to choose between his uncle and maintaining peace and harmony in his country. But Bayan’s selfishness led him to being killed by his favorite nephew. After his uncle’s death, he became the new regent. He was a deserving regent who had guts to stop the war and corrupt practices in Yuan.

We can also see how unfair their lives have been. We can also see how different were the lives of those people from Koryo and those people from Yuan.  Seung Nyang had two sons, Maha (Byul) and Ayu. Both of them are her sons but they have different fathers. Maha is Wang Yu’s and Ayu is Togon’s. The two children may have grown in the same palace but they had different lives. Ayu had a wonderful life, his father and mother are always there to take care of him. Maha’s life was the complete opposite. He had an unfortunate life, he was surrounded by the people who wanted to use him to get what they want, the Dowager and Tanashiri. Tanashiri  wanted to use Maha to go against Seung Nyang but still she loved him truly. When Tanashiri died Maha was under the care of the Dowager but she was using him to oust Seung Nyang and to have power. Maha was exactly like his father, he was smart. But Togon forbid him to learn, since he saw him as threat to Ayu. Togon saw Maha as El Temur’s grandson, Tanashiri’s son, he never saw him as his own son. Lady Ki soon found out that Maha was her son. She has to hide his identity because if anyone finds out about her secret her life and Maha’s life would be in danger. But her mistake was putting her child under the care of wrong people. She knows that Lady Soh is still loyal to the late Empress Tanashiri. But the only reason she trusted her because she knows that Lady Soh had always cared for Maha. Her revenge and ambition hurt a lot of people.


Seung Nyang changed somehow. She changed when she became an imperial consort. She was becoming like Tanashiri. She became cold towards everyone, even Wang Yu. But even though she is becoming cold towards Wang Yu. He would still protect her from any harm. Wang Yu will never stop loving her and we know that. No matter how painful it is seeing her with Togon, Wang Yu will still do what he thinks is best for her. It is sad that she became blinded by her anger and revenge. But she had to fight against her enemies, if not they will trample on her. They are right, the palace is a battlefield. The moment she entered the palace as an imperial consort she had to participate in the battle or she’ll lose her neck. Her enemies knew what she’ll do when she becomes an Empress. They know that she’ll turn Yuan into Koryo. That’s why they want to oust her. But if they are to succeed they will abuse Koryo once again, something that Ki wouldn’t let them do. I think greed isn’t the only reason why she wants to become an Empress. Another reason is she wants to stop the Yuan from abusing Koryo, she wants them to treat Koryo fairly. I miss Seung Nyang, the jackal. She was happier when she was the jackal. When she became a consort she never seemed to be happy.


Now here is the saddest part in the story. The WORST part actually. The part that Wang Yu had to be killed by Togon. That is the part of the story I hated the most. Why would you hurt someone who is dear to the person you love? I would rather see Wang Yu die fighting for what is right than see him die in the hands of Togon. I would rather see him being killed by an equal than see being killed by a childish, selfish person. It just shows how unfair Wang Yu’s life was.

I do not believe that Togon did it for Seung Nyang’s sake. It may be a disgrace for an Emperor to have a wife who had a child with his enemy. But, still, Emperor or not, what he did was still wrong. We all know that Togon is full insecurities. He just used Maha as an excuse. Saying that everybody who knows that Maha is their child should die in order to assure Lady Ki’s safety, is a pathetic excuse. He was itching to get a chance to kill Wang Yu. He wanted Wang Yu too die long before Maha was born. He couldn’t bear to live if Wang Yu is alive. He’s so bitter knowing that Lady Ki married him yet she still cries for Wang Yu. It’s actually possible that Togon was happy when he found out that Maha was their child because he has the perfect excuse to send Wang Yu to the heavens.


Wang Yu was on his way back to Koryo for good and he kept that secret. Seriously, Togon will have to kill plenty of people to keep that secret. He should have killed Dokman, Bang, Jokho, Hongdan, Pak Pulhwa, etc. But he only killed Wang Yu. Wang Yu will never do anything that would put Lady Ki’s life on the line. Togon surely knew about that. He also knew that Lady Ki is his weakness. He killed Wang Yu not because he wanted to save Lady Ki but because he wanted to have her all for himself.

Togon is such an ungrateful person. After all the help Wang Yu has given, he will just kill him. Wang Yu fed his people when he couldn’t. He kept him alive in Koryo. He helped him get rid of the Turks and El Temur. And this is how he’ll repay him. Togon wouldn’t kill someone for no reason. He wanted to see to it that Wang Yu surely dies. That’s why he brought many soldiers with him because he knows that he can’t kill Wang Yu on his own. It was only Wang Yu that he wants to die, but yet he still killed Wang Yu’s men. He’s so jealous of Wang Yu because everything that he never had, Wang Yu had it. Wang Yu had the respect of his people and his men are loyal to him. On the other hand Togon’s men aren’t really loyal to him. His men are either loyal to Bayan or to Lady Ki or to Empress Dowager. His men aren’t willing to die for him but Wang Yu’s men are willing to give everything for their King. Togon may also be jealous of him because of depth of Wang Yu’s relationship with Lady Ki.


Why does a hero have to die a senseless death? If a hero dies he should have died a heroic death. I pitied Togon and at the same time I hated him. He thought that by doing it he will be able to prove that he is a brave and great man. I bet he thought that people would look at him as a great guy because he was able to kill the untouchable, Wang Yu. But he was wrong, if he didn’t bring soldiers and if Wang Yu fought against him he will just die. Togon can’t do anything for Lady Ki. The one who keeps Lady Ki safe in the palace are the imperial guards and not Togon. He wanted to become a hero, in Lady Ki’s eyes at least. It wasn’t bravery or love he showed, it was selfishness and cowardice.

Wang Yu’s death didn’t prove Togon’s love for Ki. But Wang Yu’s death proved how much he loves her. Togon was never able to prove his love for Ki. Because he doesn’t love her truly. It’s not love, it’s obsession. Wang Yu was the TRUE hero and by his bravery he was able to prove his love for Lady Ki. Togon  said he was protecting her when it was Wang Yu who gave his life. What did Togon sacrifice for her? His life? Impossible. It wasn’t his choice to die for her, because poison killed him .Togon will never be like Wang Yu.

I can’t believe Lady Ki forgave him after all that he did. She forgave him despite the fact that he abused Koryo, despite him raping her, despite him being the reason of her father’s death, despite him making Maha’s life miserable, and despite him killing Wang Yu. It was so unfair that Togon was forgiven despite all of his wrongdoings. And Lady Ki needed to turn a blind eye because he was the Emperor.

Emperor or not, it’s still not right to kill a person just because he was in love with your wife. That is Togon’s way of loving her. Kill anyone who will stand in his way, steal her, and let her love him, only him nobody else. But that isn’t love. Because love is unconditional, selfless, and pure. The complete opposite of what he showed. Wang Yu helped him in various ways. He protected him when he was exiled. He helped him get rid of El Temur and the Turks. He fed his men when Togon couldn’t. He protected them when Tangqishi attacked. And he protected Lady Ki at all times. And Togon simply paid him by killing him. That was so mean.


They also tortured him and Ki had to betray him, in the guise of having him safe, so that he’ll stop protecting her. But Wang Yu will never do it. Wang Yu even lost an ally, Yon Feisu, a woman who loved him. Yon Feisu is  deserving of his love. But Ki is the only one Wang Yu sees. They even have to take his thrown again and again. He lost the woman he loved, his son, his throne, and his life. How sad, how unfair.

Yeah, Togon, got to kill Wang Yu. But what good did it do? Yuan still fell and Koryo prevailed. He wasn’t able to gain anything from Wang Yu’s death. Wang Yu’s death cannot assure Ki’s safety. Lady Ki became an Empress and other people will surely want to get rid of her. She is surrounded by bad people. Nyang, having the throne, will never have the assurance of safety. Wang Yu’s death didn’t assure Togon of Nyang’s love. Togon endangered his people by putting them in war. he wouldn’t be able to restore Yuan to its former glory by war. He didn’t really care for his people, his country, he only cared for himself. That isn’t how an Emperor should be.


It is sad because Seung Nyang wasn’t able to save Maha and Wang Yu. They were her first family but she wasn’t able to do anything for them. Maha died not knowing who his real parents were. It was so cruel. Lady Ki had to cry in secret for the child she lost. In order to have her revenge she lost a lot. She lost her friends, parents, her firstborn, the man she really loved. She may be the Empress but she isn’t happy. She might spend the rest of her days unhappy.


The one who won the love triangle is up to one’s opinion. I know some think it’s Togon and some think it’s Wang Yu. I am aware that some think that it was Togon she chose because of the words she said before he died, the words, “I love you.”  But it seemed like she had to repeat it so that Togon will believe it. It seemed like she repeated what she said so that she could convince herself that she loved him. It’s possible that she meant those words, after all years have passed, maybe she finally learned to love him. It may be a lie. Well, it’s not hard to lie. Maybe she said it because Togon is very ill, and it may be a way to comfort him. She seemed to hesitate while saying those words. I guess she wasn’t really sure if she really loves him or if she just feels sorry. It can be guilt, unknowingly and unintentionally she used him for her plans of revenge and making Koryo stronger. It may be obligated love, after all he is her husband and the father of her son and that he made her Empress. Though I think at least he got to die in Lady Ki’s side. At least he got to die as Lady Ki’s husband. In some way his death brought justice to Wang Yu’s death. Him,  spending the rest of his life with Nyang isn’t really right. Still, he’s lucky, many men dreamed to be with Ki and he’s the one who died beside her.


Action speaks louder than words, right? Nyang doesn’t have to tell Wang Yu that she loves him because there are 50 episodes that showed us how much she loves him. Their love is forbidden. But Seung Nyang had him in her heart. All she sees was Wang Yu even in her dreams it was Wang Yu she was looking for. She didn’t have the chance to tell him that, but all the times that she cried for him proves that she loved him so much. Wang Yu was her everything. Wang Yu felt like home to her, though she could never return to it. The memories she had with him are the ones she treasured the most. She may have learned to love Togon but not as much as she loved Wang Yu. She only learned to care for him later on and she only stayed with him so that she’ll become Empress and Ayu will be Emperor.

Some might say she chose Togon because she chose to marry him. And that she chose to be the Empress of Yuan rather than become the Queen of Koryo. But it was the throne Seung Nyang married not Togon. She decided to become Empress to make Koryo stronger, and she also did it somehow to help Wang Yu. It was Togon’s power she wanted not Togon’s heart. Just before Kolta died I remember him saying, “Do you think the Empress would marry you if you have nothing to give?” Those words angered Togon. He knows that she only married him so that she’ll get power.


Do you remember that Seung Nyang took an arrow for Wang Yu ? She saved Wang Yu. It means she already loves him during that time. She had no idea that it was the Prince she saved. He could have been a soldier, a servant, a eunuch, or simply just an ordinary man. But she saved him meaning she cares. Togon was very thankful because he was saved at Daechong Island he actually thinks that Wang Yu didn’t do anything to save him while he was at Koryo. But Seung Nyang saved him on Daechong Island because she had orders from her King. She saved Togon because he will be the Emperor. And if anything happens, they will wipe out Koryo and they force the King to abdicate. What she did was for WANG YU. It was all for him. And that’s what made Seung Nyang’s love for Wang Yu different from her love for Togon. She married Togon for power. But whether or not Wang Yu is a King she loved him.

Togon had to make any effort to make Seung Nyang fall for him. He even had to steal her and kill Wang Yu. Wang Yu never had to show off so that Seung Nyang will like him. She just simply fell for him. Like it was meant to happen. I think Togon died, still unsure whether Seung Nyang loved him or not. I think somehow he knows that she still loves Wang Yu and that Wang Yu will always be in her heart. I remember Togon once saying, “What is your King’s trick anyway? I offer you wealth and position and you’re still loyal to him.”

None of the people who work for Togon are really loyal to him. That’s why he didn’t know by then what true loyalty is. When Seung Nyang worked as a servant for him. She said this, “He was my lord first, last, and always.” This just shows that no matter what Seung Nyang’s loyalty will be in Koryo and Wang Yu. Even when she became an imperial consort and even when she became an Empress, she still referred to Wang Yu as ‘Sire or Your Highness’ It just shows that after all those time it’s still Wang Yu. It also means that no matter what she’ll still serve him and he’ll always be in her heart.


The tears she shed when Wang Yu died proved how much she loved him. She never cried like that for Togon. She wasn’t as devastated with Togon’s death as she was with Wang Yoo. She was calm when she cried because of his death. When Wang Yu died, she held him her arms and she held his hand. She said, “But I will remember in the next life and the life after that what you have done for me.” She kept on calling him. It’s like she will spend the rest of her life doing what she must for Wang Yu and in the next life she’ll repay him. It’s like saying that when they meet again in the next life she’ll spend it with him. For her forever is not enough to love and be with Wang Yu.

Seung Nyang wished, she even prayed that she’ll spend the rest of her days with Wang Yu by her side. She wanted to be with Wang Yu in life and death. Something she never said to Togon. She never promised Togon anything.  She loved Wang Yu unconditionally, she never asked Wang Yu to love her back. The only things Wang Yu was able to give her, was a pretty hairpin and his love, yet she accepted it wholeheartedly. Togon, on the other hand, gave her everything. He gave her the throne, the world, power, his so-called love, yet he was never sure if she truly loved him.

When Seung Nyang gave herself to Wang Yu, it was out of love. Not duty and obligation involved. When she did it with Togon, it was out of duty and obligation as a concubine. She also did so that she’ll bear a son who’ll one day become an Emperor. Wang Yu never raped her, he didn’t even try to do so. Unlike Togon, who raped her. She doesn’t really feel any desires for Togon. And a woman does not deserve a man who would force you to love him.

Wang Yu treated her with respect. He treated her the way how a woman should be treated. He never had to force her to be with him. Nyang can be herself when she’s with Wang Yu. When she’s with Togon, she always has to be the servant who follows him around. Wang Yu was her everything, he was her bestfriend, her King, and her lover. She wouldn’t be herself without Wang Yu.

Her life revolved around Wang Yu. He was the force that pulls her together. He is the reason why she keeps on going despite how difficult things are. Her strength comes from him. And his strength comes from her. It was never clear if what she really felt for Togon was love or pity. But it was clear that she fell in love with Wang Yu. Wang Yu was her everything that moment he was gone she lost everything she held dear.

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         I’m not convinced that Togon’s love for Seung Nyang is real. He knew that Seung Nyang loved Wang Yu. And if he truly loves her why didn’t he set her free? If he really wanted to help her to avenge her love ones, he could have been an ally, who’ll help her. He helped her avenge her family and friends in the hope that she’ll marry him. If he really loves her he wouldn’t rape her. He knew that she would really be happy is she’s in Koryo, but he wouldn’t set her free. If he really loves her he wouldn’t kill Wang Yu. He knows that she’ll be hurt if Wang Yu dies, but he still did it so that he’ll have her all for himself. He didn’t care if she was hurt because of his action. What he cared for is his own happiness. He didn’t care if was devastated due to Wang Yu’s death as long as he has her all for himself. He kept on holding onto Seung Nyang even though he knows that she doesn’t feel the same. Holding onto someone who doesn’t feel the same is not love, it’s obsession. And that’s what Togon feels for Seung Nyang.


It also occurred to me that she may be able to have her revenge if she just remained in Koryo. She can do it with the help of Wang Yu and their allies. But it would be harder to have her revenge if she was in Koryo. Because the Yuan keeps on abusing them and they have the habit of taking away Wang Yu’s throne. It will be easier to have revenge if she has power in Yuan. They weren’t able show if she was able to make Koryo a better place by being an Empress. What they only showed is that she was able to stop the tradition of sending concubines. She was still torn between the two nation. Her being an Empress isn’t really worth it. At least she was still able to show loyalty and devotion to Wang Yu by protecting Koryo but somehow she failed.

It’s possible that she regretted being the Empress. It’s lonely at the top. A lot of people died in order for her to be Empress. In the end, she was able to get rid of all of her enemies. But surely when time comes, she’ll have new ones. All of the people she cared for are gone, and all the people who cared for her are gone. What good would that be? She may be the most powerful woman in Yuan but she’s all alone. The price of her being an Empress is that she’ll lose everything. She didn’t realize that the price is too costly. And now that she knows, she probably regrets it. By Wang Yu said, “Hold onto your path, no regrets.” And those words may be the reason why still goes on.

Nothing really changed at all. Wang Yu still lost his throne and even his life. Togon is still the same, still weak, and still can’t do anything to make his empire better. He’s still not sure if the Empress loved him. And Seung Nyang will still be paying the price for trading a peaceful life to a chaotic life. After all the palace is a place of grandeur and death.

If I can write the ending I’ll end it this way:

Seung Nyang continued to protect Koryo and Yuan at the same time. Keeping her promise to Wang Yu. But when Yuan fell, she fled back to Koryo and intended to spend the rest of her days there. She lived her life there as an ordinary citizen until her death.

In her death she found herself in a land which also seems to be Koryo. She kept on walking until she found a place that looked like the palace where she once she served her King, Wang Yu. Outside the palace she saw a child standing, and that child was her firstborn, Byul. She ran to hug him. And they had this conversation:

Seung Nyang: Sweetie, Byul, I found you at last. I have waited so long for this day.

Byul: Mother, I’m so happy because we are now complete. I have also waited so long for this day. Come, let’s go, Father is waiting for you.

Seung Nyang: Father? You mean the King? Wang Yu?

Byul: Yes. Father taught me to ride a horse, to fight with swords, and to become an archer.

Byul held his mother’s hand and they entered the palace, the throne hall. There are lots and lots of people inside there. The first person she saw was her Father. Her father hugged her.

Ki Jaho: Seung Nyang, my little girl, I’m so proud of you.

Seung Nyang: Really? Father, you’re proud of me? But somehow I failed.

Ki Jaho: No matter what, you’re still my daughter and I will still be proud of you.

[This made Seung Nyang smile]

Ki Jaho: Hold my hand, I’ll take you to Your Highness.

[Seung Nyang took his hand and they walked together slowly then she was able to have a glimpse of the King]

Wang Yu: It has been a long time, Seung Nyang.

Seung Nyang: Sire, is this a dream? If it is, if wish I’ll never wake up.

[Wang Yu took hold of her hands]

Wang Yu: No, this isn’t a dream. We can now finally have what we couldn’t have. We can now have what we have hoped for.

Seung Nyang: You mean I can now be your Queen?

Wang Yu: You are already my Queen.

[They embraced each other]

All of the people in the throne hall raised their hands and said:

Hail to the King and Queen of Koryo! 

Seung Nyang: Sire, there’s one thing that I wasn’t able to tell you.

Wang Yu; And what is that?

Seung Nyang: Sire, I love you, truly. I never stopped loving you. And I will still keep on loving you.

Wang Yu: And I will never stop loving you as well.


This is my perfect ending, Seung Nyang and Wang Yu meet each other once again. They can now do what they weren’t able to do in their past life. They lived happily leaving everything behind.


I know people are wondering about what that scene means. And why did they put that scene from episode 4 in episode 51? In that scene Wang Yu asks Seung Nyang to ride on his horse. Then Togon butts in saying that Seung Nyang should ride on his horse. Seung Nyang chose to ride on Togon’s horse thinking that it will cause Wang Yu trouble if she rides on his. Some say that it shows that she chose Togon over Wang Yu. But I think there’s something more.

She rode on Togon’s horse but she kept on looking back at Wang Yu. She only rode on Togon’s horse so that Wang Yu won’t have a hard time. It shows that she’ll always be torn between Yuan and Koryo. It means she may have Togon by her side but it’s still Wang Yu she’s looking for. And that she could still feel the loneliness of leaving Wang Yu behind.

I could tell that it was Wang Yu she really loved. He is her greatest love. She is now the Empress of Yuan, she could have just forget about all those people from Koryo, but she didn’t. It means she’s still loyal to Wang Yu because she shows her devotion to him by helping people from Koryo. She changed the customs of Yuan when she was Empress which is why the Dowager was complaining the she’s turning Yuan to Koryo. Turning Yuan to Koryo just shows that she still belongs to Koryo. Koryo was the only place where she can be herself. She still considers Koryo as her ‘home’ meaning her heart still belongs to Koryo, to its King, Wang Yu